What does a car black box mean

What does a car black box mean

What does a car black box mean

Automobile black box is also known as automobile driving recorder, which is a digital electronic recording device that records and stores the vehicle speed, time, mileage and other state information related to vehicle driving, and can realize data output through the interface.Because in real-time vehicle data recorder to record information about the vehicle and the driver driving activity, it can be in combat fatigue driving, speeding vehicles such as severe traffic violation, constraints, the drivers bad driving behavior, prevention of road traffic accidents, traffic safety, improve the level of operation management play an important role in many aspects, such as, and will provide the original data for the analysis of accident identification.

Function introduction of car black box

Two different kinds of car black boxes have the following functions.

(1) recording function

Car black boxes can monitor and record the speed, braking, honking, steering, reversing, parking, light use, mileage, working time and other data.

(2) storage function

A car’s black box can store basic information about the vehicle, the driver and the authority in charge, and store monitoring and recording data.

(3) display function

The car’s black box is equipped with a display that stores and records data for display and can show the current speed and time in due course.

(4) prompt function

The car’s black box can prompt information such as overspeed and driver fatigue through sound and light signals.

(5) transmission function

The car’s black box is equipped with a USB port that transmits information to a PC or laptop via a USB drive.

(6) alarm function

In the event of an accident, some car black boxes are immediately radioed to the central transmission system connected to them.In addition, some automobile black box is also attached to a set of global positioning system (GPS), the system will be in a car accident, find out the nearest the scene of the accident immediately and automatically dial the emergency number, then will have an accident car using transmitter to send the information immediately to the hospital or trauma center, to facilitate the doctor in to rescue process, is to understand the injury of the injured man.

(7) anti-theft function

Some car black boxes also have anti-theft functions. When a car is fitted with these black boxes, other people besides the owner and the person entrusted by the owner will not be able to start the car with the car keys. Even if the car black box is removed, it will not be able to start the car.

(8) shooting function

The camera of the car black box is installed in the front of the car, which can record the image and sound of the car on the way.

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