What are the types of car black boxes?

What are the types of car black boxes?

Black boxes are associated with airplanes. They are usually installed on airplanes to store flight records and are used to analyze the causes of accidents.In recent years, black box technology has also been gradually applied to cars.The car black box mainly has the management type and the accident type two types.

(1) management car black box

The management automobile black box is also called the automobile traveling recorder, is a kind of vehicle traveling speed, time, mileage and other state information about the vehicle driving record, storage, and can realize the data output through the interface of digital electronic recording device.Because in real-time vehicle data recorder to record information about the vehicle and the driver driving activity, it can be in combat fatigue driving, speeding vehicles such as severe traffic violation, constraints, the drivers bad driving behavior, prevention of road traffic accidents, traffic safety, improve the level of operation management play an important role in many aspects, such as, and will provide the original data for the analysis of accident identification.

According to article 14 of the regulations on the implementation of the road traffic safety law, passenger vehicles, heavy trucks and semi-trailer tractors used for highway operation shall be equipped with and use the vehicle driving recorder that meets the national standards.Traffic police can check vehicle speed, continuous driving time and other driving status information.

(2) black box of accident type car

Accident type car black box also called vehicle accident recorder, car camera, etc., it is a kind of car hd DV camera, photography, recording, preview, external SD/TF card memory in a multi-functional high-tech new products.Vehicle accident recorder using digital image sensor technology, will be a moment before the vehicle accident (length of time according to the size of the memory) the whole process of dynamic record, and a computer player play, escorted the back in the process of doing a play, can be clear, visually check to just before the accident of geographical environment, traffic conditions and various dynamic images of all kinds of factors affecting traffic safety and so on, when the dispute, is helpful for traffic accident analysis, vehicle management, determine the responsibility of the stretch.

Drivers do not have to wait for the traffic police to deal with the temporary evacuation of the scene, and then by the traffic police to deal with, greatly alleviate the phenomenon of road congestion.So that the city’s road unimpeded, more favorable is to ensure the special vehicles life critical rescue work smoothly.It also provides evidence for handling all kinds of traffic disputes and determining the responsibility of the party responsible.To make the accident treatment more humane, legal and physical.

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