What are car black boxes for

What are car black boxes for

(1) the role of management car black box

(1) through the analysis and application of the data recorded by the automobile travel recorder, the enterprise management department can carry out effective dynamic management of the driver and vehicle, so as to improve the level of enterprise management, reduce operating costs, improve economic benefits and enterprise competitiveness.

(2) automatic vehicle data recorder, continuous, truly record dozens of hours of driving speed and continuous traffic situation, is equivalent to in the car is equipped with a traffic police officer for a long time, the safety of the driver driving conditions to conduct a comprehensive, long-term continuous monitoring, timely to cultivate drivers drive the safety car, medium-speed good habits, which can effectively prevent driver fatigue driving.

(3) the car travel recorder also has the function of voice safety prompt. When the driving vehicle exceeds the preset speed, the car travel recorder will issue voice safety prompt, urging the driver to take deceleration measures to prevent accidents.

(4) when the car traffic accident, the car driving recorder can objectively and accurately record the time of the car accident, the speed before and after the accident, deceleration braking situation and the driver’s operation behavior, so as to provide quantitative and accurate data for the traffic accident processing.

(2) the role of black boxes of accident cars

(1) vehicle accident recorder can be the accident before and after the scene clear reproduction, can effectively put an end to “racketeer”, extortion and other phenomena, is conducive to maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of drivers.

(2) the monitoring video recording playback, accident responsibility at a glance, traffic police deal with the accident quickly and accurately.It can not only quickly evacuate the scene, restore traffic, but also retain the effective evidence of the incident, and create a safe and smooth traffic ring

The land.

(3) can effectively reduce illegal driving, reduce the incidence of accidents.At the same time, the hit and run vehicles will be photographed by other vehicles’ vehicle accident recorders, which will greatly reduce the phenomenon of hit and run.

(4) the court in the trial of road traffic accident cases, in sentencing and compensation will be more accurate and on the basis of evidence, but also to the insurance company’s claims provided evidence.

(5) like the road trip friends, can also use it to record the conquest of difficult and dangerous process.Record your time, speed, and location while driving.

6 can be used as DV shooting fun of life at home, or as home monitoring use, usually can also do parking monitoring.

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