The release method of electronic anti-theft system lock

If, due to various reasons, the electronic anti-theft system is locked, the door cannot be opened, the engine cannot be started, and the sound cannot be normally used, special instruments and special procedures need to be used at this time, and the password can be input to restore its performance.Under the premise of not knowing the anti-theft password and basically not changing the anti-theft system hardware, the solution method is called “soft solution mirror”, which saves time and effort.

1. Leave the key on the ignition for half an hour

For the second generation of electronic anti-theft system (reading coil) of the car, you can use the original key ignition switch on, and make the key stay in ignition gear 0.5~l.0h, the engine may start.The essence of this stay process is to allow the anti-theft control module and the engine control unit (ECU) to re-identify the key.Do not turn off the point switch or start the engine while waiting.

2. Use a password reader to get the password

Engine control unit of the security password and against porcelain control module chip password is consistent, so the engine control unit of the chip can be removed, with code reading device to read the password, and then in accordance with the procedures to replace combination instrument, the engine control unit of the password security control module, and then start the engine, engine generally can start was locked.

3. Swap anti-theft chips

For Volkswagen cars, in replacement of the damaged after the ignition switch, try to start with the new key, if the alarm lock engine (embodied in security lights flashing), can use small slotted screw whorls pry original car key department of plastic, remove the send code chip (namely columnar repeater, 13 mm long, 3 mm in diameter), and then install the new key (not original) department within the plastic handle, then start the engine with the new key, finally to drive the car to the repair shop, with fault diagnosis instrument to clear memory, and new key matching.If an emergency is needed, the above cylindrical transponder can be taped directly to the reading coil to enable the engine to run.

A bora l.6L. Vehicle, after replacing the instrument panel assembly, starts the engine to run 2s and then dies, and the anti-theft indicator light is on.This model adopts the third generation of electronic anti-pot system, and the anti-theft control module is embedded in the combined instrument.The engine entered the anti-theft state because the anti-theft control module in the new combination table was not matched.However, it still cannot start after entering the password “13861” according to the method described in the maintenance manual.Since the original combination instrument can be started, it shows that the original anti-theft control module is not damaged, so you can find a 93C86 chip (8 feet) on the original combination instrument, cut it, and then install the two chips on the old and new instrument panel interchangeably.Since the original chip is used, the anti-change password has not been changed (and the mileage is still the original number). After the installation, the engine starts and returns to normal.

4. Serial rheostat queries the resistance of anti-theft key shadow

For the PASS – the KEY prevention system, general motors, can be from the ignition switch to the security control module of the feedback signal wire broken, in the middle a series resistance for 5-10 k Ω variable resistance, and turn the ignition switch to the starting position, then slowly adjust the variable resistor, until the engine starting.Then measure the variable resistance that can be started, which is the resistance of the anti-theft key.Finally, connect a fixed resistance with the same resistance value on the feedback signal line to unlock the device.You can also use the general motors inspection system query j-35628 to find out the grade of ignition key resistance value.

5. Repeatedly unlock the lock

A Honda mileage 3.2l car had flashing lights and a honk that triggered an electronic burglar alarm system when the door was not opened when the key was used to open it.Can use the key repeatedly open, close the mirror method (need to turn many times), sometimes can release the lock state.Investigate the reasons.It is the trigger switch inside the door lock assembly is worn out, the line contact is bad, in the process of repeatedly unlocking, its contact condition has been improved.

6. The door cannot be opened due to battery failure

If the door cannot be opened normally due to battery failure and the remote control does not work, for Mercedes S600 cars, you can disassemble the tail light and use the positive pole of 12V battery to connect the tail light and the negative pole to refer to iron. The tail light should be bright at this time.

Press the turn button on the remote to open the door.

For BMW cars, you can insert the car key into the driver’s side door, turn 30°-45° clockwise, then pull up the door handle and turn the key 90° to open the door.

7. Modular 5V pulse square wave signal

If the lock is caused by the missing unlock pulse signal, the anti-theft control module can be removed.

Find the A3 terminal in the harness connector (it is the data line connected to the PCM, dark blue) and draw a spare line from the A3 terminal.Take another bolt, attach one end of the bolt to the iron, and run the end of the spare thread across the thread area, simulating a square wave of 5V pulses.Repeatedly adjust the speed of the spare line across the threaded area until the engine can start.

8. Use a wire to short-circuit the contact of the relay

For Honda zhige 2.31 car.If the engine is shut off due to road vibration during driving, unplug the circuit break relay of the flow prevention system, and then connect the connector of the electrical contact of the end with a wire, and the engine may start.

9. Keep the controller as close to the door as possible

For general motors (omege-b) cars, if for some reason caused by the remote control system transmitting, receiving the signal of the two sides of the digital difference, will not be able to open the door and start the engine.At this time, you can put the remote control as close as possible to the door, hold down the door button 5 on the remote control.Above, in order to establish a anti – theft system transmission, receiving both sides of the confirmation relationship.

Use the emergency key pad to open the door

For JLR XK, when the electronic door lock system fails to work (due to battery failure, remote control key failure and electronic door tilt system failure), the emergency key in the smart key can be used to open the left front door and trunk cover.

The specific methods are as follows:

(1) insert the emergency key pad into the slot at the bottom of the door cover.

(2) gently lift the emergency key.

(3) carefully turn the emergency key piece and pry out the fixing card and cover.

(4) turn the emergency key in the left front door lock to unlock the door.

To reinstall the door lock cover, force the door back to its original position until it is stuck, and ensure that all 3 locating lugs are stuck in place.

Use infrared signal to unlock

In some mercedes-benz cars, the ignition Key is replaced with a Keyless go, which starts the engine (by pressing the key-les-go on the gearlever) and opens and locks doors and suitcases.Sometimes the “Keyless go” CARD is unrecognized, and the word “CARD NOT RECOGNIZED” appears on the multipurpose display in the dashboard.

For the electronic key of the 2010 modified Mercedes C200, the following two signals can be used to unlock the door.

(1) adopt radio signals.

Press the remote control button on the electronic key to send a radio signal.By wireless amplifier to receive and transmit signals to the SAM (information acquisition and actuating module), after which CAN – B data bus will request the doors solution of electronic key, signal transmission to the electronic ignition switch (EIS), ElS identity authentication of electronic key, if confirm the electronic key for the car’s legitimate keys, and then through the CAN – B bus door unlock instructions to pass the sugar to the left, right, left, right back door control unit, after each control unit through the “line”, make each lock unlock.

(2) adopt infrared signal.

In the case of radio remote control signal failure, you can use the infrared transmission window on the electronic key to aim at the infrared receiver on the left front door handle and transmit the unlock signal.The infrared receiver transmits the unlock signal to the left front door control unit, and the can-b bus transmits the request door unlock signal of the electronic key to EIS, which also authenticates the identity of the electronic key and a series of decoding processes.

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