How to Buy Used Cars

I. Why Buy Used Cars
1、Many used cars with the same quality as new cars are 20% – 30% cheaper than new ones.
2、The premium will be cheaper. There are many factors that determine the premium. For example, the insurance of sports cars makes SUVs expensive. Insurance for premium cars is more expensive than insurance for junior cars. Boys’insurance is more expensive than girls’ and it will be cheaper for boys to start insurance at the age of 26. Married is more expensive than unmarried and so on. When buying insurance, you need to fill in the address. If the address is in a well-policed area, it will be cheaper than the address in a poorly policed area. So if you have friends living in a safe area, you might as well fill in the address of your friend’s home.
3、Used cars are also maintained by manufacturers.
4、The condition of the car can be traced by VIN.
II. Choose a used car for you
Most car buyers probably know what kind of car they want before they buy it. But here’s a reminder that if you want to buy used cars without manufacturer maintenance, you’d better buy Japanese cars (Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Acura, Lexus, Infinit).
III. Do a good job of research before buying a car
1、Many car-buying websites offer free valuation services. You can find the daily wear and tear cost of the target model and the average fuel cost in these websites. (
2、You should also find out the market value of the car you want to buy first, so that you can know the bottom line when bargaining (
The most popular car-buying websites in the United States include:
IV. Auto Loans
It’s limited to buying cars at the car dealership. Usually, no loans will be provided for buying and selling used cars privately. You can call 2 or 3 banks before you buy the car loan to ask what the interest is, and then go to the car to talk. Usually, the loan of automobile companies is more cost-effective, but some automobile companies are not good at entertaining international students and may charge higher interest than banks.
V. Where to Buy Used Cars
1、You can find many private car sellers on craiglist. Their prices will be lower, but the quality will be very uneven. If you don’t know a lot about cars, it’s not recommended to buy used cars in this way.
2、The second way is to buy it in a private car shop. This approach is similar to the first one, except that there may be more choices, some private car dealers may also provide maintenance, and consumers may have more guarantees.
3、The third way is to go to the car shop to buy. For used cars, I personally recommend Certified Pre-owned. Although this second-hand car is a little more expensive than the ordinary second-hand car, the manufacturer will provide the same maintenance as the new car. Because I don’t know much about cars, I think it’s safer, and I’m more assured.
VI. Test Driving
Test driving is an important part of buying a car. Through the test drive, you can see some details of the car (such as whether the driver’s seat is clean, whether the automatic window can move, etc.). Of course, friends who are experienced in cars will have many ways to test them. A simple way is to let the car cool down thoroughly, then hit the car, listen carefully to the sound of the engine, pay attention to whether there are strange sounds and so on. Then speed up to about 55 miles and press on the brakes vigorously to test whether the brakes are deflected properly.
VII. Bargaining
If you do research before buying, you may know where the bottom line of the car shop is and where the bottom line of your acceptance is when you buy a car. Of course, it’s hard to get the car we want at the lowest price. If after a round of bargaining, we still can’t reach the price you want, so we’ll go away. When bargaining with the car dealer, you should ask the car dealer to give you a total price (also known as out of the door price) rather than the price of the car. Sometimes the car dealer can reduce the price of the car and earn money elsewhere. Also, before signing any name, you should see what you are signing.

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