How to buy car black box?

How to buy car black box?

Management car black box is mainly used for transport enterprises, for private cars should choose accident car black box.

There are several factors to consider when buying a car black box.

(1) resolution of car black box

The main function of car black boxes is to record the truth and seek evidence when an accident happens.So the sharpness of the image is crucial.Accidents such as collisions and scratches are the most easily blamed for each other’s accidents. If the clarity of the black boxes is not enough to see the minute images of the accident, then the black boxes are not as useful as they should be.

(2) night vision of car black box

Cars are several times more likely to have accidents at night than during the day, so the ability to see at night is also an important consideration when buying a car’s black box.

(3) HDMI hd video output

At present, the appearance design of the car black box focuses on light, small overall, the screen is relatively small, but once the traffic accident occurs, the screen is hard to avoid visual restrictions.HDMI hd video output function perfectly avoids this point, can directly output hd video to full hd TV or full hd monitor, fully reflect the clear picture quality on the big screen, restore the truth.

(4) detail setting

As evidence for a possible court case against video, the details are important, of course, because the car’s black box should have a time and date on it.In this way, when traffic accidents occur, as evidence, more convincing, also facilitate the traffic police to deal with the accident quickly and accurately, you can quickly evacuate the scene.

(5) camera Angle

It is understood that most of the camera angles of the car black box are around 100°, which can basically ensure that the two sides of the car lane into the camera.Of course, it is better for car owners to choose as large a camera Angle as possible, but the price is also more expensive.

(6) other aspects

One is to see whether the car black box has motion detection, loop recording, storage and other functions;The second is to see whether the built-in lithium battery, can be used separately from the car charger, convenient to take out the car to record the scenery along the way.

(7) test

The car’s black box will be tested for fluency and night vision.

(1) fluency test on the highway, the vehicle drove to 120km/h after recording, basically can see whether the picture is jammed.If so, the dashcam video effect is not ideal.

(2) night vision test if you can set the exposure time, switch to take photos, at the same time take out a digital camera or mobile phone to set the same exposure time and resolution, take the same scene, compare image quality;Or go to a place where the road lights are brighter and darker at night and then compare and test the resolution at the same time.

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