How do I avoid receiving the tuner ?

Adjustable table is already commonplace in currently used car flow field, a lot of people are selling the car to fetch a high price will be adjusted their vehicle odometer, in order to let everybody to collect as much as possible to avoid being deceived, small make up summed up the three help you identify the tables used car, hope to be able to help you dealer friends.

I、there are usually several places to look

1、is the wear of the steering wheel

Two is the wear of brake pads, three is the wear of tires. “If the odometer says the car has only gone 10,000 kilometers and the steering wheel is badly worn, something is wrong. The same is true for brake pads and tires. However, because the replacement of tires and brake pads may be more frequent, so according to the actual situation: for example, the car is about 50,000 km, but the tires are brand new, there may be some problems. On average, a tire can run about 60,000 kilometers.” But such a view, need to have a certain amount of experience to see probably, but also do not rule out to see out of sight, and for the novice used car people is more difficult.

II、 check information

because the vehicle is generally in 4S shop for maintenance, so you can go to the 4S shop to inquire about the relevant information.

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