How to avoid receiving water tanker

Bubble water car won’t have traumatic commonly, it is vehicle interior part damage mostly, general naked eye is distinguished very hard come out. In addition to the need for enough experience, to master some skills is also quite necessary, the following small make up of some ways to identify the bubble water car for your reference.

Classification of waterwheel

Slight dip: the water depth exceeds the wheel and rushes into the car. The harm of this kind of car is relatively small, after repairing, the impact on daily use is not big.

Moderate soaking: the water is too deep to cover the dashboard, and the cars are dangerous even when repaired. Don’t buy them.

Heavily soaked: if water builds up over the roof, this type of car is a time bomb and can’t be bought cheaply.

Hazard of waterwheel

Waterlogged vehicles, electrical circuits and electrical equipment can be severely damaged. At the same time, the body parts can also be severely corroded by soaking water. The longer the soaking, the worse the damage.

The maintenance cost of bubble water truck is very high, and the insurance company will not pay the full amount of compensation, so there are many bubble water truck owners in order to reduce their losses, after a simple repair of the car directly sold. Since it is a “simple” repair, the choice of accessories standard is absolutely based on the low price. The most economical way is to take apart the vehicle electrical products to clean, after drying continue to use, what airbag directly removed on the end. After the water bubble after a change has taken on a new look, again on the road, the car stalled, the possibility of brake failure is very high.

How to identify a waterwheel?

1、The appearance is impeccable

After the water car to see the surface basically can not see what flaw. There was no shock, no paint, no sheet metal. But there is one place can see the marks of water, that is the front and rear lights of the car! Lamps and lanterns have been soaked in water, before and after the lamp group internal will have been blister and yellowing traces, especially to pay attention to look at the silver lamp bowl. If the used car or lamp in front of you is excessively new compared with the whole car, you have to pay more attention to it. In order to destroy the body and trace, some repair shops will replace the whole lamp set. If you encounter this kind of situation in doubt, might as well pay attention to the car fog lights. Generally speaking, few people pay attention to fog lamps, and its position is relatively low. Even if the front and rear lamps are changed, fog lamps will not necessarily be changed.

2、Enter the car to smell and observe the details

Everything that has been soaked has a musty smell, and there are so many auto parts that no amount of cleaning and repairing can accurately remove the musty smell from every place. To tell the difference, just go inside and smell it. But if you don’t smell a musty smell but smell a perfume if you have to be vigilant, spray perfume is probably to cover up the musty smell of the water bubble.

Next look at the car seat, seat fabric or leather material, if the water will produce some yellow water, even after cleaning, the surface of the seat will also have different degrees of off color, in addition, because most of the car seat using foam material, material is relatively hard, after water and soft hard will be uneven, vigorously press edge can find difference.

The water is easy to rust, the main look at the bottom of the seat of the metal support, if there is rust, 80 percent is the water bubble, do interior cleaning will never touch there! Of course, if this is too new like the lamp, it is likely to have been replaced. A little gray is normal.

Another area that’s easy to overlook is seat belts. After soaking in sewage, the safety belt will leave obvious water marks, and is not easy to be removed.

3、Open the trunk and look for rust

Open the trunk and lift the cover to see if there is any water stains and observe the corrosion of the vehicle’s tools. If the spare tire is new but the steel hub is obviously corroded, it shows that the trunk has been flooded, most likely by a watercar. If there is water or rust on the bottom of the spare tire, it also indicates that the stern tank has received water.

4、Wiring harness and vehicle chassis

Because of the consideration of maintenance cost, the wiring harness will not be replaced in the maintenance process of the water-soaked truck, so you can check the condition of wiring harness by looking at pillar A, pillar B and roof panel. The most intuitive can be seen whether soaked in water to produce corrosion of the vehicle chassis. However, car sellers may not want you to check out these two places. However, according to your previous appearance, interior judgment, whether the vehicle is a bubble water car can be seen. No matter how the engine, how the chassis, as long as you find the signs of water soaked car, this car you just give up!

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