18 Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Car

After you get recommendations for honest mechanics, call around to check out the prices for certain jobs. It’s always smart to get a second opinion.

How about some preventative medicine? Keep your gas tank filled. This will help you avoid the gas line freezing up in cold weather. Also, driving on “fumes” allows little pieces of dirt at the bottom of your gas tank to run through the fuel lines with the last drops of gas. This debris clogs up the fuel filter and can cause carburettor damage as well.

Sometimes a problem with your car’s electrical system results from a simple blown fuse. Check to see if you have any blown fuses before investing in a tow truck! Keep track of how much oil your car uses. A sudden change in oil consumption means you need to see a technician. Save your brakes by having your brake fluid changed every 30,000 miles. Check your tire pressure once a month. This simple maintenance check can add up savings at the gas pump!

Stop and go traffic causes excess wear and tear on your vehicle. Go ahead and give your car a nice twenty minute ride at 55 mph on the highway every couple weeks if you “major” in short trips.

There are other ways to save money on car expenses. Let’s look at the insurance payments.

If you’ve budgeted for possible out-of-pocket expenses in case of a car accident, you might want to consider increasing your insurance deductible to $500. This will lower the cost of your insurance.

Talk to your insurance agent. If your car is as old as the hills, you might want to drop collision coverage to save money.

Car insurance companies offer a variety of discounts. Ask your agent if the company offers reductions for driver training courses, anti-lock brakes, car alarms, air bags, mature drivers, good students or maintaining a good driving record.

Before you purchase from a dealer, ask about the dealer’s return policy, get it in writing and read it carefully. Dealers are not required by law to give used car buyers a three-day right to cancel.

Each 5 mph you drive over 60 mph is like paying an additional $0.10 per gallon for gas.

In most cases, using cruise control on the highway will save gas.

Replacing a clogged air filter can improve your car’s gas mileage by as much as 10 percent. This isn’t going to cost you an arm or leg either.

Do your homework when buying a car from an auction. Many vehicles that have been damaged by floods and hurricanes are going on the market. These won’t last long – leaving you with a flood of bills. Be a little concerned if the carpet looks too new, and check carefully for signs of rust.

If you use your car for business, keep track of miles travelled so that you can use this for a tax deduction. Get more info at irs.gov.

When you consider all the ways you can save money on your current vehicle, you might be persuaded to put away the extra each month for a new car down the road!

How to buy car black box?

How to buy car black box?

Management car black box is mainly used for transport enterprises, for private cars should choose accident car black box.

There are several factors to consider when buying a car black box.

(1) resolution of car black box

The main function of car black boxes is to record the truth and seek evidence when an accident happens.So the sharpness of the image is crucial.Accidents such as collisions and scratches are the most easily blamed for each other’s accidents. If the clarity of the black boxes is not enough to see the minute images of the accident, then the black boxes are not as useful as they should be.

(2) night vision of car black box

Cars are several times more likely to have accidents at night than during the day, so the ability to see at night is also an important consideration when buying a car’s black box.

(3) HDMI hd video output

At present, the appearance design of the car black box focuses on light, small overall, the screen is relatively small, but once the traffic accident occurs, the screen is hard to avoid visual restrictions.HDMI hd video output function perfectly avoids this point, can directly output hd video to full hd TV or full hd monitor, fully reflect the clear picture quality on the big screen, restore the truth.

(4) detail setting

As evidence for a possible court case against video, the details are important, of course, because the car’s black box should have a time and date on it.In this way, when traffic accidents occur, as evidence, more convincing, also facilitate the traffic police to deal with the accident quickly and accurately, you can quickly evacuate the scene.

(5) camera Angle

It is understood that most of the camera angles of the car black box are around 100°, which can basically ensure that the two sides of the car lane into the camera.Of course, it is better for car owners to choose as large a camera Angle as possible, but the price is also more expensive.

(6) other aspects

One is to see whether the car black box has motion detection, loop recording, storage and other functions;The second is to see whether the built-in lithium battery, can be used separately from the car charger, convenient to take out the car to record the scenery along the way.

(7) test

The car’s black box will be tested for fluency and night vision.

(1) fluency test on the highway, the vehicle drove to 120km/h after recording, basically can see whether the picture is jammed.If so, the dashcam video effect is not ideal.

(2) night vision test if you can set the exposure time, switch to take photos, at the same time take out a digital camera or mobile phone to set the same exposure time and resolution, take the same scene, compare image quality;Or go to a place where the road lights are brighter and darker at night and then compare and test the resolution at the same time.

What does a car black box mean

What does a car black box mean

What does a car black box mean

Automobile black box is also known as automobile driving recorder, which is a digital electronic recording device that records and stores the vehicle speed, time, mileage and other state information related to vehicle driving, and can realize data output through the interface.Because in real-time vehicle data recorder to record information about the vehicle and the driver driving activity, it can be in combat fatigue driving, speeding vehicles such as severe traffic violation, constraints, the drivers bad driving behavior, prevention of road traffic accidents, traffic safety, improve the level of operation management play an important role in many aspects, such as, and will provide the original data for the analysis of accident identification.

Function introduction of car black box

Two different kinds of car black boxes have the following functions.

(1) recording function

Car black boxes can monitor and record the speed, braking, honking, steering, reversing, parking, light use, mileage, working time and other data.

(2) storage function

A car’s black box can store basic information about the vehicle, the driver and the authority in charge, and store monitoring and recording data.

(3) display function

The car’s black box is equipped with a display that stores and records data for display and can show the current speed and time in due course.

(4) prompt function

The car’s black box can prompt information such as overspeed and driver fatigue through sound and light signals.

(5) transmission function

The car’s black box is equipped with a USB port that transmits information to a PC or laptop via a USB drive.

(6) alarm function

In the event of an accident, some car black boxes are immediately radioed to the central transmission system connected to them.In addition, some automobile black box is also attached to a set of global positioning system (GPS), the system will be in a car accident, find out the nearest the scene of the accident immediately and automatically dial the emergency number, then will have an accident car using transmitter to send the information immediately to the hospital or trauma center, to facilitate the doctor in to rescue process, is to understand the injury of the injured man.

(7) anti-theft function

Some car black boxes also have anti-theft functions. When a car is fitted with these black boxes, other people besides the owner and the person entrusted by the owner will not be able to start the car with the car keys. Even if the car black box is removed, it will not be able to start the car.

(8) shooting function

The camera of the car black box is installed in the front of the car, which can record the image and sound of the car on the way.

What are car black boxes for

What are car black boxes for

(1) the role of management car black box

(1) through the analysis and application of the data recorded by the automobile travel recorder, the enterprise management department can carry out effective dynamic management of the driver and vehicle, so as to improve the level of enterprise management, reduce operating costs, improve economic benefits and enterprise competitiveness.

(2) automatic vehicle data recorder, continuous, truly record dozens of hours of driving speed and continuous traffic situation, is equivalent to in the car is equipped with a traffic police officer for a long time, the safety of the driver driving conditions to conduct a comprehensive, long-term continuous monitoring, timely to cultivate drivers drive the safety car, medium-speed good habits, which can effectively prevent driver fatigue driving.

(3) the car travel recorder also has the function of voice safety prompt. When the driving vehicle exceeds the preset speed, the car travel recorder will issue voice safety prompt, urging the driver to take deceleration measures to prevent accidents.

(4) when the car traffic accident, the car driving recorder can objectively and accurately record the time of the car accident, the speed before and after the accident, deceleration braking situation and the driver’s operation behavior, so as to provide quantitative and accurate data for the traffic accident processing.

(2) the role of black boxes of accident cars

(1) vehicle accident recorder can be the accident before and after the scene clear reproduction, can effectively put an end to “racketeer”, extortion and other phenomena, is conducive to maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of drivers.

(2) the monitoring video recording playback, accident responsibility at a glance, traffic police deal with the accident quickly and accurately.It can not only quickly evacuate the scene, restore traffic, but also retain the effective evidence of the incident, and create a safe and smooth traffic ring

The land.

(3) can effectively reduce illegal driving, reduce the incidence of accidents.At the same time, the hit and run vehicles will be photographed by other vehicles’ vehicle accident recorders, which will greatly reduce the phenomenon of hit and run.

(4) the court in the trial of road traffic accident cases, in sentencing and compensation will be more accurate and on the basis of evidence, but also to the insurance company’s claims provided evidence.

(5) like the road trip friends, can also use it to record the conquest of difficult and dangerous process.Record your time, speed, and location while driving.

6 can be used as DV shooting fun of life at home, or as home monitoring use, usually can also do parking monitoring.

How to install car black boxes

How to install car black boxes

Now take the F500 car black box as an example. This black box is accident type.

1. Insert the memory card into the black card slot of the car

2. Screw the glass suction cup bracket into the installation position of the car black exon.

3. Suck the black box into the proper position of the windshield (it is recommended to install it behind the rearview mirror in the car)

4. Hit the chuck of the glass suction cup bracket to the suction position

5. Insert the power plug into the black box power socket of the car

Insert the power plug into the car cigarette lighter

Turn on the car’s black box display

Adjust the Angle position of the car black box display screen

What are the types of car black boxes?

What are the types of car black boxes?

Black boxes are associated with airplanes. They are usually installed on airplanes to store flight records and are used to analyze the causes of accidents.In recent years, black box technology has also been gradually applied to cars.The car black box mainly has the management type and the accident type two types.

(1) management car black box

The management automobile black box is also called the automobile traveling recorder, is a kind of vehicle traveling speed, time, mileage and other state information about the vehicle driving record, storage, and can realize the data output through the interface of digital electronic recording device.Because in real-time vehicle data recorder to record information about the vehicle and the driver driving activity, it can be in combat fatigue driving, speeding vehicles such as severe traffic violation, constraints, the drivers bad driving behavior, prevention of road traffic accidents, traffic safety, improve the level of operation management play an important role in many aspects, such as, and will provide the original data for the analysis of accident identification.

According to article 14 of the regulations on the implementation of the road traffic safety law, passenger vehicles, heavy trucks and semi-trailer tractors used for highway operation shall be equipped with and use the vehicle driving recorder that meets the national standards.Traffic police can check vehicle speed, continuous driving time and other driving status information.

(2) black box of accident type car

Accident type car black box also called vehicle accident recorder, car camera, etc., it is a kind of car hd DV camera, photography, recording, preview, external SD/TF card memory in a multi-functional high-tech new products.Vehicle accident recorder using digital image sensor technology, will be a moment before the vehicle accident (length of time according to the size of the memory) the whole process of dynamic record, and a computer player play, escorted the back in the process of doing a play, can be clear, visually check to just before the accident of geographical environment, traffic conditions and various dynamic images of all kinds of factors affecting traffic safety and so on, when the dispute, is helpful for traffic accident analysis, vehicle management, determine the responsibility of the stretch.

Drivers do not have to wait for the traffic police to deal with the temporary evacuation of the scene, and then by the traffic police to deal with, greatly alleviate the phenomenon of road congestion.So that the city’s road unimpeded, more favorable is to ensure the special vehicles life critical rescue work smoothly.It also provides evidence for handling all kinds of traffic disputes and determining the responsibility of the party responsible.To make the accident treatment more humane, legal and physical.

Maintenance of electronic anti-theft system

Under normal circumstances, if someone attempts to start the engine in the anti-theft state by illegal means, the anti-theft control module will take intervention measures to close the ignition circuit or fuel injector circuit of the engine and set the fault code.

1. Electronic security is the feature that you are triggered

When the car equipped with electronic anti-theft system fails to start, the first need to determine whether the electronic anti-theft system is locked, or the engine itself has a fault.If the engine starts 2.After flameout, it is necessary to consider whether the electronic anti-blue system is triggered, do not hastily remove the irrelevant parts.

A simple way to determine whether an electronic security system is locked is as follows:

(1) see if the engine is easy to start, but not easy to start.

If so, it’s not a lock.An electronic anti-theft lock is characterized by an engine that can start, but then automatically shut down after 2-10s and never start again.

(2) check whether the anti-theft indicator light on the combination instrument is on.

If the indicator light is on, the anti-theft system is dead.If the indicator light is not on, there is an oil injection signal but weak, it is not an electronic security system lock.

(3) if there is a fault code stored in the control unit of the combined instrument, it indicates that the electronic anti-theft system has been locked.

Electronic anti – theft system locked, generally need to use a fault diagnosis instrument and input a specific password, in order to solve the problem.

2. Access to anti-theft passwords

Theft-proof password is the main basis for theft-proof control module to identify whether it is a legitimate user. Its function is used to decrypt and reconfigure the key.In many cases, the “password” is simply the resistance value of the key.

There are several ways to obtain anti-theft passwords:

(1) a 14-bit identification code and a 4-digit password are posted on the anti-theft control module.

(2) look on the key card.The new car’s security code is embedded in the car’s key card, and scraping off the vinyl will reveal a four-digit security code.

(3) look in the glove compartment.Some cars have anti-theft codes pasted on the left side of the glove compartment in front of the soft seat.

(4) some cars’ anti-theft codes are included in user manuals.

(5) the anti-theft codes of some cars are affixed to the luggage cases of new cars.

(6) if the anti-theft password cannot be found in the above places, you can connect the fault diagnosis instrument and enter the “anti-theft system”. After a few seconds, the 14-bit identification code of the anti-theft control module will be displayed, and then you can inquire the anti-theft password to the service hotline (or telex) of the seller or importer.

3. Solutions to abnormal anti-theft system

(1) alarm horn often sounds.

Some cars park at the roadside and set the anti-theft status, whenever large cars or heavy vehicles through, will cause alarm horn honk, this is because of vibration sensors too sensitive cause.In the electronic anti-theft system, a vibration sensor is installed, which is used to detect the intensity of car body vibration.If its sensitivity is too high, a breeze will cause the alarm, the sensitivity can be adjusted at this time.The adjusting knob is installed on the vibration sensor or in the main engine box.The sensor of the anti-theft system can be removed, or the connector of the main body of the anti-theft device can be removed.Generally, there are adjustment holes left. When adjusting the adjustment knob installed in the host box, it is unnecessary to disassemble the host.

If the car has no obvious vibration, after a period of time alarm horn automatically sounding, this phenomenon is often due to the door did not close well, the door light switch is bad or the wiring caused by a short circuit.

(2) the anti-theft status cannot be lifted.

The fault phenomenon is that in the winter morning, when the remote control sends out the unlock signal, the system has no normal response, the door cannot open, the car cannot start.This phenomenon may be caused by the battery voltage can not reach the alarm start voltage.The treatment method is, to confirm the storage capacity of the battery, check whether the terminal is loose and corroded, electrolyte is missing, if necessary to replace the battery.If the battery on the remote control is short of power and the signal is weak, the anti-theft status cannot be removed. At this time, just change the button battery.

4. Electronic sticky theft indicator reading essentials

There is an anti-theft indicator light installed on the table board of the car. When the electronic anti-theft system fails, the cause of the failure can be preliminarily determined by the different displays of the anti-theft indicator light.

Turn the ignition switch to “ON”. If the anti-theft indicator is ON for 3 seconds and then goes out, the electronic anti-theft system is normal.Turn the ignition switch to “ON” and if the anti-theft indicator continues to be ON 60%, the ignition key matching process is incorrect.

After turning the ignition switch to “ON” 2.5s, if the anti-theft indicator starts flashing and lasts for 60s, it indicates that there is no password chip in the ignition key or an unauthorized key is used.

Turn the ignition switch to “ON” and if the anti-theft indicator blinks immediately and persists for 60% of the time, it indicates a functional failure of the reading coil or data cable.

If you cannot find the cause of the fault, then connect the fault diagnosis instrument to test the electronic flow control system of the car.

5. Electronic anti-theft system is the match after death

Configuration of an electronic security system is required under the following circumstances:

(l) replace the battery.

(2) replace the engine electric control unit (ECU).

(3) replace the new anti-theft control module (including the combination instrument of the third-generation electronic anti-theft system), and replace the anti-theft control module removed from other cars.

(4) replace, add or lose the ignition key.

(5) use improper ways to open the door, including opening the door lock by hand and then opening the door;Break the window outside the car.

(6) use the unregistered key for more than 5 times of starting operation.

The so-called matching refers to the mutual adaptation and confirmation between ECU and electronic components, that is, the engine ECU, the anti-theft control module and the key erase the old code and write new code.When the anti-theft control module is matched with the engine ECU, it is included in the scope of the engine electronic management system.

Take passat B5 automobile (equipped with l.8t engine) as an example. The matching method of anti-theft control module and engine ECU is to connect v.a.g1552 fault diagnosis instrument and then enter 17-11-10-50.The matching method of anti-theft control module and key is 17-l1→10-21.

6. Legal issues on electronic drug theft system maintenance

(1) due to the transmission of anti-starting information, compared with the automobile without electronic anti-theft system, the engine starting time may be slightly longer.

(2) for the failure of electronic anti-theft system, replacement repair method is often ineffective.

(3) when the car needs to be parked for a long time, it should enter the anti-theft state. The operation method is to press the lock button of the remote control.This produces three effects: locking the doors; a single flashing of the turn signal;Enable pot defense kinetic energy.If the car is already out of check, the small red light (LED) on the left front door flashes periodically.After parking, if do not let the car into the theft state, not only is not safe.And the vehicle’s electrical system has been on standby, this time too long will cause the battery capacity of the day consumption (so-called leakage).Some cars parked a few days later but found no electricity, repair personnel inspection may be troubleless, often this reason is caused.

(4) new cars should not be equipped with burglar alarm at will for the following reasons:

(1) add anti-theft device must change the door lock control circuit, and the door money control circuit directly affects the work of the burglar alarm, and indirectly affect the normal work of the engine.Specifically, if the door is open but door lock switch, you can’t get a door debt security control module by iron signal switch, anti-theft control module will decided that the door did not open, the driver did not enter the car, about 25 s and then automatically enters the FangZha alert, make four car door lock to lock, and lock the engine, make it can’t start.

(2) the additional installation of anti-theft device is easy to conflict with the car’s control system, resulting in the engine can not start, because this modification operation is often not standard, resulting in excessive current, interference with the original car’s electronic control system.If you have to install extra preventer, separate it from the ignition system, otherwise it will easily cause the engine can’t start.

The release method of electronic anti-theft system lock

If, due to various reasons, the electronic anti-theft system is locked, the door cannot be opened, the engine cannot be started, and the sound cannot be normally used, special instruments and special procedures need to be used at this time, and the password can be input to restore its performance.Under the premise of not knowing the anti-theft password and basically not changing the anti-theft system hardware, the solution method is called “soft solution mirror”, which saves time and effort.

1. Leave the key on the ignition for half an hour

For the second generation of electronic anti-theft system (reading coil) of the car, you can use the original key ignition switch on, and make the key stay in ignition gear 0.5~l.0h, the engine may start.The essence of this stay process is to allow the anti-theft control module and the engine control unit (ECU) to re-identify the key.Do not turn off the point switch or start the engine while waiting.

2. Use a password reader to get the password

Engine control unit of the security password and against porcelain control module chip password is consistent, so the engine control unit of the chip can be removed, with code reading device to read the password, and then in accordance with the procedures to replace combination instrument, the engine control unit of the password security control module, and then start the engine, engine generally can start was locked.

3. Swap anti-theft chips

For Volkswagen cars, in replacement of the damaged after the ignition switch, try to start with the new key, if the alarm lock engine (embodied in security lights flashing), can use small slotted screw whorls pry original car key department of plastic, remove the send code chip (namely columnar repeater, 13 mm long, 3 mm in diameter), and then install the new key (not original) department within the plastic handle, then start the engine with the new key, finally to drive the car to the repair shop, with fault diagnosis instrument to clear memory, and new key matching.If an emergency is needed, the above cylindrical transponder can be taped directly to the reading coil to enable the engine to run.

A bora l.6L. Vehicle, after replacing the instrument panel assembly, starts the engine to run 2s and then dies, and the anti-theft indicator light is on.This model adopts the third generation of electronic anti-pot system, and the anti-theft control module is embedded in the combined instrument.The engine entered the anti-theft state because the anti-theft control module in the new combination table was not matched.However, it still cannot start after entering the password “13861” according to the method described in the maintenance manual.Since the original combination instrument can be started, it shows that the original anti-theft control module is not damaged, so you can find a 93C86 chip (8 feet) on the original combination instrument, cut it, and then install the two chips on the old and new instrument panel interchangeably.Since the original chip is used, the anti-change password has not been changed (and the mileage is still the original number). After the installation, the engine starts and returns to normal.

4. Serial rheostat queries the resistance of anti-theft key shadow

For the PASS – the KEY prevention system, general motors, can be from the ignition switch to the security control module of the feedback signal wire broken, in the middle a series resistance for 5-10 k Ω variable resistance, and turn the ignition switch to the starting position, then slowly adjust the variable resistor, until the engine starting.Then measure the variable resistance that can be started, which is the resistance of the anti-theft key.Finally, connect a fixed resistance with the same resistance value on the feedback signal line to unlock the device.You can also use the general motors inspection system query j-35628 to find out the grade of ignition key resistance value.

5. Repeatedly unlock the lock

A Honda mileage 3.2l car had flashing lights and a honk that triggered an electronic burglar alarm system when the door was not opened when the key was used to open it.Can use the key repeatedly open, close the mirror method (need to turn many times), sometimes can release the lock state.Investigate the reasons.It is the trigger switch inside the door lock assembly is worn out, the line contact is bad, in the process of repeatedly unlocking, its contact condition has been improved.

6. The door cannot be opened due to battery failure

If the door cannot be opened normally due to battery failure and the remote control does not work, for Mercedes S600 cars, you can disassemble the tail light and use the positive pole of 12V battery to connect the tail light and the negative pole to refer to iron. The tail light should be bright at this time.

Press the turn button on the remote to open the door.

For BMW cars, you can insert the car key into the driver’s side door, turn 30°-45° clockwise, then pull up the door handle and turn the key 90° to open the door.

7. Modular 5V pulse square wave signal

If the lock is caused by the missing unlock pulse signal, the anti-theft control module can be removed.

Find the A3 terminal in the harness connector (it is the data line connected to the PCM, dark blue) and draw a spare line from the A3 terminal.Take another bolt, attach one end of the bolt to the iron, and run the end of the spare thread across the thread area, simulating a square wave of 5V pulses.Repeatedly adjust the speed of the spare line across the threaded area until the engine can start.

8. Use a wire to short-circuit the contact of the relay

For Honda zhige 2.31 car.If the engine is shut off due to road vibration during driving, unplug the circuit break relay of the flow prevention system, and then connect the connector of the electrical contact of the end with a wire, and the engine may start.

9. Keep the controller as close to the door as possible

For general motors (omege-b) cars, if for some reason caused by the remote control system transmitting, receiving the signal of the two sides of the digital difference, will not be able to open the door and start the engine.At this time, you can put the remote control as close as possible to the door, hold down the door button 5 on the remote control.Above, in order to establish a anti – theft system transmission, receiving both sides of the confirmation relationship.

Use the emergency key pad to open the door

For JLR XK, when the electronic door lock system fails to work (due to battery failure, remote control key failure and electronic door tilt system failure), the emergency key in the smart key can be used to open the left front door and trunk cover.

The specific methods are as follows:

(1) insert the emergency key pad into the slot at the bottom of the door cover.

(2) gently lift the emergency key.

(3) carefully turn the emergency key piece and pry out the fixing card and cover.

(4) turn the emergency key in the left front door lock to unlock the door.

To reinstall the door lock cover, force the door back to its original position until it is stuck, and ensure that all 3 locating lugs are stuck in place.

Use infrared signal to unlock

In some mercedes-benz cars, the ignition Key is replaced with a Keyless go, which starts the engine (by pressing the key-les-go on the gearlever) and opens and locks doors and suitcases.Sometimes the “Keyless go” CARD is unrecognized, and the word “CARD NOT RECOGNIZED” appears on the multipurpose display in the dashboard.

For the electronic key of the 2010 modified Mercedes C200, the following two signals can be used to unlock the door.

(1) adopt radio signals.

Press the remote control button on the electronic key to send a radio signal.By wireless amplifier to receive and transmit signals to the SAM (information acquisition and actuating module), after which CAN – B data bus will request the doors solution of electronic key, signal transmission to the electronic ignition switch (EIS), ElS identity authentication of electronic key, if confirm the electronic key for the car’s legitimate keys, and then through the CAN – B bus door unlock instructions to pass the sugar to the left, right, left, right back door control unit, after each control unit through the “line”, make each lock unlock.

(2) adopt infrared signal.

In the case of radio remote control signal failure, you can use the infrared transmission window on the electronic key to aim at the infrared receiver on the left front door handle and transmit the unlock signal.The infrared receiver transmits the unlock signal to the left front door control unit, and the can-b bus transmits the request door unlock signal of the electronic key to EIS, which also authenticates the identity of the electronic key and a series of decoding processes.


Time to replace your car? That means it’s time to decide whether to buy new or used. While there is no correct answer to this age-old question, it helps to know the pros and cons. Take this information into account and consider how it applies to your unique situation.

Here are the pros and cons of buying a used car:

Pros of buying a used car

Lower price – pre-owned vehicles are priced lower than new ones, making them a great opportunity to get a better deal or get into a higher-end vehicle than you may have been able to afford otherwise.

Avoid major depreciation – it’s no secret that new vehicles depreciate quickly. Buying used can help you avoid the ‘right off the lot’ depreciation while still enjoying a reliable ride.

Lower insurance rates – buying used can allow you to pay less to insure the new model of the same vehicle. It can also help you avoid additional fees like freight and (depending where you live) sales tax.

If you want to combine some of the benefits of buying new and used, consider looking for a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle. These units are typically only a couple of years old, have lower mileage and come with manufacturer warranties. Learn more about CPO programs and their benefits here.
Cons of buying a used car

Older technology and design – vehicle manufacturers are constantly improving safety options and cool features like surround-sound audio equipment and Wi-Fi. Buying an older model could mean missing out on the latest and greatest features, or new exterior body styling.

Uncertainty around its history – purchasing a vehicle that has had a previous owner raises questions about how it was cared for and whether it sustained any damage. You can rely on a pre-purchase inspection and a CARPROOF Vehicle History Report to give you detailed insight into the vehicle’s past. This will give you a good idea of how well the car’s been cared for, where it’s been driven, if it’s had any damage and whether that damage has been properly repaired.
There are pros and cons to buying a used car – it can save you some money, but it can come with some uncertainty. Fortunately, used car buyers have access to better history and condition information than ever before. If you decide that buying used is the right move for you, make sure to do your research so you can drive away with confidence and peace of mind.

Seven Points to Pay Attention to when Purchasing Used Cars

Whether you buy a used car from a dealer or a private seller, there is a lot you need to know to be confident you’re making a smart purchase.

These questions will help with your information gathering:

1、 What is the vehicle’s condition and current mileage?

⦁    Give the seller an opportunity to tell you about any known issues with the car.

2、Has anything on the car been replaced or updated?

⦁    Updates or replacements can increase the value of a vehicle – like a new set of tires or brakes. This information can help you predict expenses that may come up down the road.

3、Can I take it for a test drive?

⦁    This is an essential part of any vehicle purchase – it’s your opportunity to get inside the car, see how it feels and evaluate if it’s a good fit for you. There are lots of things to look and listen for, and little tests you can perform to get the most out of your test drive –  get a comprehensive list here.

4、Does it come with winter tires?

⦁    Most Canadians need winter tires. Ask the seller if they have winter tires for the vehicle – this could be the add-on you’re looking for to sweeten the deal.

5、Why are you selling the car?

⦁    They could be selling for simple reasons like a growing family or change in lifestyle, or maybe they can’t stand the way it handles in the snow. Either way, this is important information that will help you decide whether to buy the vehicle.

6、Was the vehicle serviced regularly? Do you have the service records?

⦁    The vehicle’s service history gives you a good idea of its condition and how well it was cared for, and records of this service give you proof that it was completed and an idea of what to budget for in the future.

7、Do you have a vehicle history report?

Vehicle history reports tell you about accident history, lien status, registration history, unfixed safety recalls and more. Paired with a  pre-purchase inspection, this is the most important piece of information to inform your purchase, and you should never buy a used car without one.

Arming yourself with the answers to these questions should give you the information you need to make an informed purchase.